AutoCAD Cable Tray, Tubing Tray and fitting

AutoCAD Tool Palettes – Cable Tray, Tubing Tray and fitting included attribute for 3d models.

Adding and editing components becomes easier in AutoCAD with tool palettes. The tool palettes contain blocks. With the parameter action Polar Stretch, you can just type the length you desire and AutoCAD will stretch the tray to that length.

Furthermore, you can rotate the block before you place it. In my opinion the tool palettes are user friendly. Even a novice can use them. Moreover you can insert blocks into your drawing with drag and drop. It is easy to access from tool palettes.

Open and close the tool palette by pressing CTRL+3. You can auto-hide the tool palette in the vertical blue area of the tool palette, simply click on the symbol <>I. By doing that, you leave more space in the drawing area.

On the image above you see what you get a Isometric view of Cable Tray.
You can easily place these elements in your drawing.


  1. Straight tray use auto lisp program, you can create only 3x click mouse complete with attribute material.
  2. Fitting tray use block complete with attribute material
  3. Extrac MTO (Material Take Of) you click TOLLS>DATA EXTRACTION

You will definitely save time in your daily work, if you use the tool palettes for Cable Tray and Tubing Tray. Time you could spend on other projects.

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