Design of Flow Transmitter and Level Transmitter for Vessel

Design of Flow Transmitter and Level Transmitter for Vessel

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I would like to install a wash oil injection facility,

1. What is the type of FT used to measure flow & Level (LT) and wash oil piping for wash oil POT?

2. To design the wash oil POT, we plan to inject 500 kg / hr into the compressor,

How much is the temperature and pressure of the POT ideal for the design? I designed it as a program.

(diameter: 900mm, height: about 3000)

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(0) Wash Oil

It is best to construct the system with the help of an experienced persons because it is necessary to understand the system design system and to design it considering operation condition and demand function.

The operating conditions should be such that the operating temperature, pressure, flow rate, properties of the material being handled, properties of the material, etc. during normal operation should be checked and the operating limits specified in the abnormal conditions specified.

(1) Wash Oil Pot Capacity

In the event that the wash oil is discarded after a single use without circulation, and a problem arises with the supplemental oil system, the driver will need a storage capacity to listen to the alarm and take immediate action. If you decide to save the amount of flow that usually flows for 20 to 30 minutes until you can take the corrective measures.

For the question, if it is uncooked, it would be good to have a storage volume of 500 * (20 ~ 30 min / 60 min) kg, ie 167 ~ 250 kg. If the driver is always on the side and you can take urgent action, you can reduce it. If you have a more accurate and useful guide, you should do so.

If most of the circulating fluid is used, there is no leakage of liquid through the circulating flow for about 5 minutes, but always check carefully by the driver. Can you detect collapsing hydraulic pressure incidentally? If supplementary gauge devices are complementary, it will be safe. In this case, the flow amount in about 5 minutes is about 42 kg.

When used in a recirculating manner, the important point in determining the capacity of the Wash Oil Pot is how much is needed to fill the system. If there is a quantity required to supply the wash oil and to fill and return the system, the amount should be included.

The amount of flow for 5 minutes is 42 kg. If 50 kg is needed to fill the system, 42 + 50 = 92 kg means minimum pot capacity.

In the question, “Design by program …” is written in the program’s intent, so please check the intent. I think the program is probably determined this way. If that’s Wash Oil Storage Tank System to Caesarea to supplement even manually every few days, once a separate …

(Pot capacity) = (* circulation rate actions over the shortest possible time) + (the amount needed to fill one System) + (Sun. Consumption * Number of supplementary days) (1)

(2) LT / FT Type

If you need to accurately measure the level and flow rate, you will need a sensor that can measure 0-100% level, flow 0-100%, but it is not that you have to tell the tank’s low level or high level, If you need to figure it out, it will be very low if you choose Level Switch. If the oil tank is always filled and the driver is checking daily, the low level switch should be used to ring the low oil alarm and compensate the driver accordingly.

In case of Flow Sensor, if you only need to know whether flow of wash oil is flow, you can leave Flow Switch. However, if you need to set the flow rate to a few kilograms / h, you should configure the system with a combination of flow sensor and control valve.

The oil switch attached to the machine usually uses the Flow Swith and if you do not detect flow, you can equip the Interlock so that it will not start even if you press the Main Motor Power Switch. As flow sensor is various, cheap and various flow switch is commercialized.

(3) Pot design temperature design pressure

If the operating oil pressure is at atmospheric pressure, it may be set at room temperature or atmospheric pressure. However, if the oil circulation is used, it is designed to be 15 to 20 degrees higher than the maximum operating temperature for the lower season Set it to temperature.

If pressure is to be applied to the pot, the design pressure is 10% to 50% of the operating pressure. (If the pressure is very high, it will only take about 5%, because the high-pressure device can have a big price increase, but it has a more sophisticated safety device.)