List of Instruments used in Level Measurements:

In this post I will list out all the Instruments and Methods used in Level Measurements.

  1. Level measurement using gauge glass technique.
  2. Float type level indication
  3. Float level switch
  4. Float / rope method
  5. Float operated spring loaded level switch
  6. Magnetic float device
  7. Level measurement using displacer and torque tube
  8. Air purge system/bubbler system
  9. Thermal level sensors
  10. Low level conductivity switch
  11. Thermal level sensor with heater and probes
  12. Capsule type thermal level sensor
  13. Expansion type thermal level sensor
  14. Hydrostatic pressure method
  15. Differential pressure method
  16. Level measurement using resistance tapes
  17. Capacitance level detection
  18. Radiometric level detection
  19. Ultrasonic sensors
  20. Microwave time of flight method
  21. Non-conducting optical level sensor
  22. Optical sludge level detector
  23. Light refraction type level switch
  24. Level detection using fiber optics
  25. Radar level transmitters
  26. Laser level devices
  27. Level switches
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