What is Motor Jog Switch operation?

I need to wire a jog switch in a circuit that has a contactor and start stop switches. This circuit has a NC stop switch, a NO start switch, auxillary contacts for holding the relay engaged and coil. Plain old magnetic motor control circuit. I want to put a momentary pushbutton tha would make the motor run when it is pushed in. What I draw up makes the motor run til the stop switch is pushed. I have seen the circuit drawn but that was too long ago. Ideas?

Motor Jog Switch operation

The “jog” switch bypasses the “hold” contact of the contactor. So, there are two separate circuits: START and STOP, which includes the “hold” contact; and JOG, which doesn’t.

Here’s a simple JOG circuit, which is applicable to almost all common magnetic starter type START/STOP control circuits:


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