Advantages of Diaphragm Valve

Advantages of Diaphragm Valve

  • Diaphragm valves can also be used for throttling service.

  • Its throttling characteristics are essentially those of a quick opening valve because of the large shutoff area along the seat.

  • A weir-type diaphragm valve is available to control small flows.

  • Diaphragm valves are particularly suited for the handling of corrosive fluids, fibrous slurries, radioactive fluids, or other fluids that must remain free from contamination.

  • The operating mechanism of a diaphragm valve is not exposed to the media within the pipeline. Sticky or viscous fluids cannot get into the bonnet to interfere with the operating mechanism.

  • Many fluids that would clog , corrode, or gum up the working parts of most other types of valves will pass through a diaphragm valve without causing problems. Conversely, lubricants used for the operating mechanism cannot be allowed to contaminate the fluid being handled.

  • There are no packing glands to maintain and no possibility of stem leakage in valves.