Applications of thermocouples in Steel Industry

Applications of thermocouples in Steel Industry

Thermocouples are having significant role in Steel industries. Area wise, various types of thermocouples are used in different units of steel industry:


Stove dome/hot blast stove is one of the most critical sections in the steel industry. The hot blast has 3 stage operations, either on gas, on blast or bottled up (ready and waiting to be put on blast).

Temperature is one of the major parameter for controlling this criticalprocess.The temperature inside the blast furnace is about 1100ºC and high pressure. The high temperature and high pressure makes the assemblyvery critical.


Coke is the most important raw material fed into the blast furnace in terms of its effect on blast furnace operation and hot metal quality. The coke making process involves carbonization of coal to high temperatures (1100ºC) in an oxygen deficient atmosphere in order to concentrate the carbon.


Refractory thermocouples are very important for the startup phase and running phase of the refractory in the steel plants. These are normally very long length thermocouples (up to 40 meters) in mineral insulated construction. Thermocouples of various lengths can be grouped together in a single flange, for a particulararea of the furnace.


Fast response thermocouple normally K type with miniature or Standard connector for DRI kiln application and normally used with a hand held indicator for checking immediate temperature.