Different Components of PLC

Different components of PLC include:

  • Input/output Modules: These are basically the modules, which depend on the input and the output commands given by the user.

  • Power Supply: As the name suggest; power supply is the work of supplying power to be specific supplying DC current, which operates the PLC.

  • Central Processing Unit (CPU As it is CPU, it will work as brain of the computer and will supply and store all the commands and the data given to the computer.

  • Co-processor Modules: These are set of different microcomputers, which can do different programmes. Their main aim is the function PLC more properly and appropriately.

  • Software: As the name suggests, software is the pioneer of PLC which stores and supplies all the commands and data to the PLC and Co-processors.

  • Peripheral Device : The peripheral device works for inputting data and other equipment which are needed to the monitor.

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