Different Types of RTDs


Sterling Sensors manufacture Platinum RTD sensors (also known as PRT sensors) in accordance with IEC751 to Class A, B, 1/3 DIN, 1/5 DIN and 1/10 DIN. RTD probes can be supplied in Pt100, Pt500 & Pt1000 as a bare element only, fabricated construction and up to a more complex mineral insulated assembly with single or duplex elements. Whatever your needs, Sterling Sensors will be able to supply a product for your application.

Wire RTDs

Available in wire types and lengths to suit your needs, we manufacture a range of bare wire resistance thermometers in Pt100 and Pt1000 for temperature measurement applications such as test and measurement, temperature mapping and OEM applications. If you are looking for a low cost general purpose sensor with fast response, wire RTD sensors are an ideal starting point.

Fabricated RTDs

This range of resistance thermometers commonly uses a fabricated sheath to protect the RTD element. They are available with your choice of detector from Pt100 to Pt1000 and precision options with a wide range of terminations, such as lead wires and plugs. Fabricated RTDs are also available with various types of Industrial head assemblies and safe area transmitters for an extensive range of applications.

Surface Measurement RTDs

Whether you require temporary or permanent surface measurement, we have a wide selection of surface RTDs available for use on many surfaces and applications including Research and Development, pipes and ducts.

General Purpose RTDs

Our general purpose resistance thermometers include bayonet sensors for the plastics industry, load probes for Pharmaceutical and Autoclave applications, as well as oil seal probes for bearing housing temperature measurement. There are even options for internal and external ambient temperature measurement. This range also features RTD’s with a “Lemo connector” termination, a universal connector widely recognised in industry, designed for high accuracy and very fast interchange of sensors. (We also supply matching Lemo sockets)

Mineral Insulated RTDs

Mineral Insulated RTD probes are robust and can be shaped and formed to suit any application without affecting the sensor. These sensors are available in long lengths and with a broad range of diameters. They can be used at higher temperatures than fabricated RTD’s and have a better accuracy, repeatability and long term stability than Mineral Insulated Thermocouples.

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