Electrostatic precipitator for maintenance

Precautions to be taken before entering Electrostatic precipitator for maintenance

Following are the safety precautions must be taken before entering the esp

1.Valid work permit must be taken for working

2.Switch off the High voltage power supply using disconnecting switch and lock the disconnecting switch in off position

3.when the disconnecting switch is in off position the emmitting electrode of respective field gets earthed directly

4.Then discharge the static charge of Electrostatic precipitator field using earthing rods

5.The earthing rod clamps must be properly connected to the earth

6.The ESP internals must be cooled down sufficiently

7.Rapping motors are switched off and power should be isolated.

8.The Oxygen level must be measured before entering the ESP

9.If dust is accumulated, it must be removed and area must be clean

10.Hand lamps and tools for work must be connected to 24v supply

11.It is always safe to carry out work atlest with a team of two persons inside ESP.