Foundation Fieldbus Temperature Transmitter Testing

Dear Guys ,

Could you please help me to set up one Emerson3411P temperature transmitter FF type.

It is a brand new factory configured device, with PT100 Dual Sensor.

Thing is that before installing in the field our QC need to verify the instrument.

So when I am connecting and power up my 475 shows the device tag and LAS but I can not enter in to the device parameters.

So please advice me to see the parameters, I don’t want to change any configuration settings.

Just I will put in amatek and I need to see the temp in 475 as well in Transmitter Display.

Please help me to to the same.

You need FF barrier also which are installed in field junction box.

  • Get one FF junction box to workshop

  • Connect FF Transmitter to Junction Box

  • Connect 18 to 24 V DC power to junction box

  • Then connect HART

Thats it.

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Ok Noted John. Thank you very much for your information. . But currently I FF JB not available…!!

So is there is any other options .

The 475 prompt when connecting its on temporary address and change in to a different address.

If I Change the same it will affect when connect to DCS ??
these all are my concerns.

Could you please clarify these points.

You can change the address as per need.

Not an issue.

If need, again you can assign the old address.

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Ok thanks man …thank you very much.