How to Prepare for Certified Automation Professional (CAP) Exam?

Dear Sohaib,

I have started preparation but recently heard from someone that main content of test will come from 3rd edition so I am a bit confused. 2nd edition is pretty good but it is pretty old. I think published in 2006. So seems logical that test comes from 3rd edition. What you say?

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Dear Waqas
I also heard that the test will contain content from 3rd edition and I also feel that it is fare as the 2nd edition is published long back and the practices have since then so yes I think it is good to prepare with reference to 3rd edition.

Seems logical but from where to get the 3rd edition. I have the 2nd edition but couldn’t find the third edition till now.

I think its only available in as Hard copy by ISA. If you live in US you can get it delivered. Also they will deliver to you outside US but don’t know how much time it will take. And also price is about 200 usd.

yeh the price is nearly the same.

Check out the helpful ISA CAP Document

Certified Automation Professionals (CAP) Exam Overview.pdf (541.1 KB)




List of ISA released Questions and Answers


Dear Waqas,
Have you passed the CAP exam?

Everyone can share any useful study material for CAP exam.

  • you can upload pdf’s here

Dear Members,
Those who are interested to get certification for CAP and need any guidelines or training materials . Please contact me… Training materials include A Guide to the Automation Body of Knowledge 3rd Edition, CAP-Study Guide, Notes including 500+questions and answers, (CAP) Online Exam Review Course (EC00E)-this one is a full time video course

You will cover:
Week 1
Module 1: Introduction/CAP Basics

Week 2
Module 2: Process Instrumentation
Module 3: Analytical Instrumentation

Week 3:
Module 4: Continuous Control
Module 5: Control Valves & Analog Communications

Week 4:
Module 6: Control System Documentation & Equipment
Practice Exam #1

Week 5:
Module 7: Discrete I/O Devices & General Manufacturing Measurements
Module 8: Motor & Drive Control

Week 6:
Module 9: Motion Control
Module 10: Process Modeling & Advanced Process Control

Week 7:
Module 11: Batch Control
Module 12: Alarm Management & Reliability
Practice Exam #2

Week 8:
Module 13: Process Safety & Safety Instrumented Systems
Module 14: Electrical Installations & Electrical Safety

Week 9:
Module 15: Digital Communications
Module 16: Industrial Networks

Week 10:
Module 17: MES Integration & Network Security
Module 18: Operator Interface & Data Management

Week 11:
Module 19: Software & Custom Software
Module 20: Operator Training & Checkout, System Testing & Startup

Week 12:
Module 21: Troubleshooting
Module 22: Automation Benefits, Project Justification/Management and Interpersonal Skills

Week 13:
Final Examination


All you need to pass ISA-CAP on below link

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