Magnetic Flow Measurement

The magnetic flow meter is recommended for generally conductive liquids and mostly found in Utilities where fluid contains water Aluminum refinery containing Caustic Liquid in refinery.

The Magnetic flowmeter transmitter are generally four (4) wire micro-processor based. Magnetic flowmeter shall be Pulsed DC type or analogue type powered from transmitter.

The transmitter are provided with integral digital LCD display with engineering units.

The flow meter tube are generally PTFE liner. The liner shall hold tightly and rigidly against the flow meter tube without any air gap.

Transmitter are remotely mounted or integral depending upon mounting arrangement availability and requirement. 10m of special signal cable between sensor and transmitter is required along with magnetic flow meter which shall be requested from vendor.

The flow meter shall meet the following requirement generally

· Material of Construction of Tube & Electrode: SS316 or as per process condition

· Flowmeter Accuracy: +/- 0.5% of mass flow rate or better for process service

· Flow Meter Repeatability: +/- 0.1% of mass flow rate for liquid services