PLC's market status in China

Small PLC market status: 1. In terms of market size, in terms of small PLC market size, thanks to the continuous growth of downstream industrial automation demand, my country’s overall scale of PLC has grown rapidly, and the growth rate of small scale is slightly higher than large and medium -sized scale. Data show that in 2019, the domestic PLC market size was about 11.3 billion yuan, a decrease of 2%year -on -year. The size of the small PLC market was 5.209 billion yuan, and the size of the medium and large PLC market was 6.051 billion yuan. In 2020, the market size of small PLCs will be 6.34 billion yuan, an increase of 22%year -on -year.

Application PLC, as a key component of industrial automation software, is widely used in downstream and has a wide range of demand. Small PLCs are mainly used for downstream electronics and semiconductor manufacturing (13%), textile machinery (8%), battery manufacturing (5%), packaging machinery (5%), paper towel machinery (5%). With the continuous growth of downstream demand, China’s PLC market is huge.

Small PLC in the market structure is mainly for the OEM market, and large and medium -sized PLCs are mainly used in the project market. In order to improve production efficiency and expand profit margins, OEM manufacturers urgently need to improve the automation level of machinery to change the current market structure. As a typical control product, PLC is an important tool for OEM to improve mechanical automation.

The OEM market has also become a key application market for PLC products, of which textiles, packaging and machine tools occupy a large proportion in the PLC market. Small or miniature PLCs can already meet the control requirements of OEM manufacturers, so small PLCs are widely used in the OEM market. The project market usually needs complex control capabilities and powerful communication networking functions in the fields of electricity, mine, metallurgy. Therefore, most of them use large and medium -sized PLCs.

Second, small PLC competition pattern domestic brands have developed rapidly in the small PLC field. Generally speaking, in the field of large and medium -sized PLCs, the technical barriers are high, and the quality of the product is related to the stability and reliability of the automated production of the user’s factory, so customers are more inclined to foreign brand products. Siemens, Schneider, Rockwell, GE and other international brands.

Earlier in China, rich industry experience, more comprehensive product line coverage, and wide industry application cases. In the field of small PLCs, domestic brands are more cost -effective, and under the premise of being able to meet the needs of small and medium -sized enterprises in small and medium -sized enterprises in small PLC target customers, the price is relatively low.