Pros & Cons of Turbine Flow Meter

Pros and Cons of different gas flow measurement technologies available in the market will help process instrumentation engineers to effectively choose the best flow metering technology for defined application which results in optimum results w.r.t cost versus performance ratio.

Process instrumentation engineer’s task is to identify which of the Mass flow meter technology will be the best suitable technology.

Below are some important factors to be considered & evaluated with comparing technologies for optimum selections:

– Pipe sizes

– Process conditions such as flow rate, pressure, temperature, density, viscosity, dirt & moisture, etc.

– Installation conditions such as horizontal, vertical, or inclined & available straight lengths, time & efforts, etc.

– Accuracy & repeatability needed

– Process turndown ratio needed

– Budgeted price

Here are the Pros and Cons of Turbine Flow Meter :

Pros :

  1. Derives Volumetric Flow rate

  2. High accuracy

  3. Orientation Flexible

  4. Low Initial Cost

  5. Suitable High pressure

Cons :

  1. Dry and Clean Gas

  2. Susceptible to Vibrations

  3. High wear factor

Completely agree with the above post. It is very important to select the right flow measuring instrument that will measure the accurate flow readings. With the help of scientific measuring instruments, we can easily find out the rate of flow and leakages in the system if any.

While selecting the flow measuring instrument we have to take care of various important factors. As the various readings taken by these devices impact the major decisions.