Reason for using DP flow transmitter

For Flow meters selection and sizing, use the orifice flow meter. You will waste some energy and money but at least you can relate to its principle of measurement. It also requires a basic philosophy and prejudice. The most popular method of the flowmeter selection is to use an orifice unless it won’t work.


Reason for using orifice (DP flow transmitter)

  1. Simple (but they are hard to install to get a good velocity profile)

  2. Inexpensive (well there are cheap ultrasonic flowmeters with better accuracy and turndown ratio than DP transmitter today)

  3. Available in various sizes, type, and connections.

  4. Simple design, rugged, and suitable for liquids, gases, steam.

Reason for not using orifice (DP flow transmitter)

  1. Low down turn ratio, typically 3:1 with accuracy not exceed than +/- 1%

  2. Sensitive for flow profile (next time if the process engineer ask why the flow measurement inaccurate, tell them with the flow profile is laminar and the reynolds number is insufficient)

  3. The process fluid is in the impulse lines to the differential transmitter may freeze or block (plug)

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