SoftPLC Ladder logic Software Download

TOPDOC® NexGen makes SoftPLC® programming and continued maintenance fast and easy. The sleek user interface design means both infrequent and “power” users have the features and functions they need.

Standard Functions:

  • Ladder logic program and documentation development - both offline (local) and online (remote)
  • Online SoftPLC monitoring & troubleshooting
  • SoftPLC and I/O Driver Configuration
  • Logic and data table reports
  • XML import/export utilities

TOPDOC®, since 1984, has been recognized as the industry’s most advanced PLC program development and documentation software product. Many “industry firsts” have been attributed to TOPDOC. TOPDOC NexGen provides a contemporary and complete set of tools for SoftPLC based systems, and continues the tradition of providing innovative features for PLC users:

  • Program logic & documentation are combined into a single file that is downloaded to the SoftPLC controller - no more hassles to keep both sets of files “in-sync” or trying to troubleshoot a system with no documentation
  • XML export/import of application files - allows easy auto-generation or re-use of applications
  • Program “Clips” for easy re-use of standard logic sequences
  • Native character support for other languages than English

Data Sheets


  • TOPDOC NexGen Installation Guide
    Updated quick reference guide on installing TOPDOC NexGen for Win7/Win8/Win10.

  • TOPDOC NexGen/SoftPLC User’s Manual
    User Guide includes SoftPLC installation & configuration, communications driver setup, and describes how SoftPLC operates, common troubleshooting techniques, etc. Detailed programming, instruction set, and software usage is in the online help system.

Hands-on Demo

Tutorial Slide Shows

  • Zipfile of demos to run locally on your system.
    These tutorial demos are best viewed with a 1024×768 or greater resolution and require Macromedia Flash 5.0 or higher (11.3MB download, requires 13.5MB free space when installed). Topics include:

    • Editor Navigation - Product overview and user interface features
    • Ladder Editor - Ladder logic entry/editing functions
    • Datatable Editor - Datatable display, editing features
    • Database Editor - Ladder documentation features
    • PLC Configuration Tools - How to set up PLC communications, I/O drivers, etc.
    • XML Export - Import/export SoftPLC applications in XML format
    • Copy/Paste Features
    • Properties Editor Features

Web Studio / HMI