Steam Turbine Overspeed Trip Test

Steam Turbine Overspeed TRIP TEST (MECHANICAL)

a. Attain Turbine at Rated speed (3000 RPM)

b. Raise the turbine rotation until close the value set “Trip speed mechanical governor”, which is 110% (3300 ~ 3330 RPM) by pressing the “TEST overspeed”

c. Check the current state the turbine trip:

  • Trip Speed ​​of Emergency Governor trip device
  • Indication of “TURBINE RESET” position Off
  • Indication of “TURBINE TRIP” position On
  • Alarm “Emergency Trip Device” appears in announciator and Summary
  • Turbine Valves Closed
    d. After checking the above conditions, Reset the Emergency trip device after rotation turbine is less than 3000 RPM and return to normal speed…
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