Types of Control Valve Calibration

We can do the Control Valve Calibration in two ways. They are Stroke Calibration and I/P Converter Calibration.

1.Stroke Calibration
2.I/P Converter Calibration

Stroke Calibration of Control Valve

It means for the movement (opening and Closing) measurement of stroke through the Scale, from 0 to 100 percentage of valve Closing/Opening, according to the standard air pressure supply or milli amps supply(3 to 15 psi,4 to 20 mA)

I/P Converter Calibration of Control Valve

It is comparatively simple one, but it can be done in two ways, Simulate the standard 4 to 20 mA as input Check the output from the I/P 2.2 Simulate the std 4 to 20 mA to the I/P converter as input and measure the Control valve stroke movement through the scale(0 to 100%)