Types of Level Measurement in Solids

Various technologies available for the measurement of level (or quantity) of bulk solids stored in silos, bins or hoppers are listed below:

  1. Weight & Cable Systems
  2. Ultrasonic Systems
  3. Guided Wave Radar Systems
  4. Thru-Air Radar Systems
  5. Laser Detectors
  6. Load Cells
  7. Strain Gages

Among the above mentioned technologies, the first four operate by determining the distance between sensor and the material surface whereas techniques like load cells and strain gages operate by calculating the mass of material via detection of force exercised on the sensor.

Each of these techniques is more responsive than others towards its particular application. The choice of an unsuitable measurement method can lead to wastage of time, money and manpower. Hence, all the factors of above mentioned technologies must be considered carefully before implementation.