What is a Flow Transmitter?

A Flow Meter is used to measure the flow rate of a fluid in a pipe. There are many flow meters like Rotameter, Venturi meter, Orifice meter, Ultrasonic meter, Turbine meter etc. They work on different principles. Flow meter by itself can only display the value of the flow rate.

One of the principal requirement in a Chemical Plant is the transmission of flow rates. Transmission may be required for flow (or some other parameter) control or to the supervisory control for data collection and monitoring. This objective is achieved by Flow Transmitters .

Flow Transmitter

Consider the example shown below.


Here, a differential pressure (DP) transmitter is used for measuring the pressure difference. The values are transmitted via flow transmitter to the controller which takes the appropriate action via the final control element (control valve).

Some abbreviations commonly used in the industry are:

FI - Flow Indicator

FIT - Flow Indicator Transmitter (Displays and transmits the flow rate value)

FE - Flow Element

FT - Flow Transmitter

Author - Aniket Ratnaparkhi