What is Hydraulic Test?

A hydraulic test is an experiment in which leaks can be found out in pressure vessels such as pipelines.

The test involves placing water in the pipe or vessel at the required pressure. which is often dyed for visibility to ensure that it will not leak. It is the most common method employed for testing pipes and vessels. This test helps maintain safety standards and to check the durability of a vessel.

Hydraulic testing is also done on gas vessels being used for compressed gas, such as gas cylinders or boilers.

Testing is very important because such containers may explode due to faulty safety measures or due to manufacturing faults.

The vessel or pipe line is filled with a nearly incompressible liquid - usually water by using a hydraulic test pump and examined for leaks. The test pressure applied should be always considerably higher than the operating pressure.

Hydraulic testing of impulse line (The impulse line is the piping or tubing used to connect the transmitter to the process to ensure correct readings)is very important in instrumentation .