Which of the following safety rules are not ___

Which of the following safety rules are not true?

A) You should not use a lead pencil or a metal shank tool, such as a screwdriver, to poke at an electrical circuit, or to operate movable parts of components in the circuit ― either could become. Either action could mean the lead pencil or metal shank tool (such as a screwdriver) becomes an extension of your finger.

B) You should always turn off or remove all power before making alterations to an electrical circuit.

C) None of The answers

D) You should ground all equipment enclosures including plug-in type test equipment (not portable), especially when high voltages ground is present.

E) Horseplay or just kidding around is an OK thing in the wiring-laboratory exercises or on the job site, as long as everybody is in agreement.

F) All of The answers

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