5 valve manifold

Hi I have a question on 5 valve manifold.
I understand that 5valve manifold are of 2 types.

  1. With 2 block Valves,1 equalizing and 2 bleed valves.
  2. With 2 block Valves,2 equalizing and 1 bleed valves.

I want to know the difference in applications for the above 2 types.


Taking case of normal fluid 2 block valves 2 equalizing valves & 1 bleed valve is sufficient, but what if one of equalizing valves get choked the vapors of hazardous fluids like CMDI, PO, BENZENE is quite critical, so for hazardous fluid to vented off in atmosphere there must be provision such that volatile liquid including it’s vapors could be vent off from either side. Thus, hazardous fluids require 2 bleeding valves instead of one.


Thanks Sandeep. That means the type 1 menrioned by me is beneficial?

Yup if your application is not much critical.