Advantages and Disadvantages of SCADA systems

Discuss about Advantages and disadvantages of SCADA Technology and SCADA systems used in industrial control systems.

Advantages of SCADA system include

1.Wide area connective and pervasive.

2.Benefits of adopting SCADA System:

(a) A rich functionality and extensive development facilities. The amount of effort invested in SCADA product amounts to 50 to 100 p-years!

(b) The amount of specific development that needs to be performed by the end-user is limited, especially with suitable engineering.

(c) Reliability and robustness. These systems are used for mission critical industrial processes where reliability and performance are paramount. In addition, specific development is performed within a well-established framework that enhances reliability and robustness.

(d) Technical support and maintenance by the vendors.

  • Routable
  • Parallel polling
  • Redundancy and hot standby
  • Large addressing ranges
  • Integration of I.T to automation and monitoring net works
  • Standardization
  • Reduce down time
  • Limit the frequency of accidents
  • Improve record
  • Increase through put.

Disadvantages of SCADA systems

  1. IP performance over head

  2. Web enabled SCADA hosts users to remotely monitor

  3. Control remote sites via a web browser Security concerns.

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