Advantages of Online Monitoring Systems - Online Analyzers

In recent years, online water quality monitoring technology has received attention and interest in context of providing accurate and continuous water/waste water quality information.

There are already commercially available systems for monitoring parameters such as Turbidity, Colour, Fluoride, Sodium, Ammonia, Chlorides, Nitrates etc. Technological developments have been continuing for improving these systems.

Online Monitoring Systems

The major advantages of online monitoring systems over traditional laboratory-based and portable field methods are:

  • Online monitoring systems provide continuous measurement of data for long periods of time, at the monitoring site of interest.
  • All the major steps in traditional analysis like sample collection, preservation, transportation, sample pre-treatment, calibration, reagent addition and sample analysis procedures are usually automated in online analyzers.
  • In case of sudden disturbance in the system, compared to conventional methods the online analyzers provide timely information for taking immediate corrective/preventive steps.