Advantages of pressure gauge with diaphragm

The advantages of pressure gauge with diaphragm as follow:

  • Very sensitive due to changes in pressure
  • Can be used to measure the height of liquid surface
  • Can be used for different pressure
  • Can be used at transmitter
  • Can be used to measure flow

Pressure gauge with diaphragm is pressure gauge which uses diaphragm to measure pressure. The meaning of diaphragm is a material which easy to bend or so-called membrane, which is usually made ​​of thin metal, leather, rubber, clan, etc.

The working principle pressure gauge with diaphragm is shown in Figure 1 based on the resilience properties of metal / thin plate due to the curvature of iteration pressure at membrane plane, the membrane device is used to measure the difference of two different pressures.


The ability of pressure gauge with diaphragm to read the different pressure is based on:

  • The area of ​​membrane.
  • Thick membrane.
  • Type of membrane material.