Advantages of Semiconductor Strain Gauge

The following are the Advantages of Semiconductor Strain Gauge

  1. The gauge factor of semiconductor strain gauge is very high, about ±130.
  2. They are useful in measurement of very small strains of the order of 0.01 micro-strains
    due to their high gauge factor.
  3. Semiconductor strain gauge exhibits very low hysteresis i.e., less than 0.05%.
  4. The semiconductor strain gauge has much higher output, but it is as stable as a metallic
    strain gauge.
  5. It possesses a high frequency response of 1012 Hz.
  6. It has a large fatigue life i.e., 10 x 106 operations can be performed.
  7. They can be manufactured in very small sizes, their lengths ranging from 0.7 to 7.0