Advantages of stationary armature and rotating field system

(i) The stationary armature coils can be insulated easily.
(ii) Higher peripheral speed can be achieved in the rotor.
(iii) Cooling of the winding is more efficient.
(iv) Only two slip rings are required to give DC supply to the field system
(v) Output current can be easily supplied to the load circuit. Slip-rings and brushes are not necessary.


Advantages of Rotating Field with Stationary Armature

  1. Rotating field is comparatively light and can run with high speed.
  2. High voltage can be generate due to high speed and there is very little difficulty in providing high voltage on a stationary part than a moving part.
  3. It is easier to insulate armature coils for high pressure usually generated (6.6 to 11 kV). Since the stator is outside the rotor, so more space is available for greater insulation required for armature winding.
  4. Very little difficulty is experience in supplying the field magnet current as it is very low in comparison with the armature current.
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