Advantages of switched reluctance motor

  1. Construction is simple and robust.
  2. Rotor carries no windings, no slip rings, no brushes, less maintenance.
  3. There is no permanent magnets.
  4. Ventilating system is simpler as losses takes place mostly in the stator.
  5. Power semiconductor switching circuitry is simpler.
  6. No shoot through fault likely to happen power short circuits.
  7. Developed torque does not depends upon the polarity of current in the phase winding.
  8. The operation of the machine can be easily change from motoring mode to generating mode by varying the region of conduction.
  9. It is possible to get very high-speed.
  10. Depending upon the requirement T-w characteristics can be achieved.
  11. It is the self-starting machine.
  12. Energy stored in the phase winding is fed back to the supply through the feedback diodes during off period.