Automated PLC panel testing


we are using Allen Bradlley controllogix PLCs widely, with controllogix & Flex I/O’s.
currently we do panel testing using 4-20 mA simulator, Frequency Generator, RTD sensors, Toggle switches (for Discrete signals) & lamps.

we want to atomize panel testing process, we are looking for ideas how to do panel testing automatic from Point I/O level.

currently we are working on idea to create demo control panel with analog outputs, discrete output which simulates actual panel’s analog inputs & discrete inputs.

anyone have different idea will be greatly appreciate.



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Nice idea to automate the PLC testing.

You can also try this, little bit complex, Design a Control Panel (PLC or Micro-controllers based system) with inbult RS485 Communication and program the system to automate the AI, AO, DI, DO cards by sending respective signals.

You can design a graphics for the user. when user gives a selection, say testing for AI card or to choose required card say 7th AI card like that and to initiate the test. User can have the controls from the graphics to inject 4-20mA current either sink/source depends on selection.

The RS485 communication purpose is to communicate with the Main PLC system.

Also You can create a standard programs/files for each PLC manufacturer or their model.

Note : A Standard Program is required at both sides. If you are serious you can have a look at this.

Also share if you got any ides, share with us.