BPCL Interview Questions

BPCL is one of the toughest interviews to crack. Process comprises of Case Study + Technical interview + HR interview, each round having more than 50% elimination. They look at your communication skills, your personality, the way you frame and deliver your answers. I had my Case study and technical interview on 18th of april and HR interview on 19th april.


  1. CASE STUDY - Initially I was confused, whether to attend BPCL process or not. As I was serious ESE aspirant and it was 3 day long process, I didn’t want to waste my time ( I was in bhopal). I heard about the mass elimination in Case studies and stringent selection process. But then I decided to give it a try. I reached Delhi on 17th april, reached Bpcl office at 7.30 am on 18th morning. I had a bad experience with GD during my college, and was scared of it.But I decided to be fearless, wanted to give my best in GD, even if I get eliminated. I wanted to speak whatever striked my mind. I booked two tickets one of 19th april, other of 20th april as I was not sure if I will be out on the first day or second :P. After interacting with various aspirants I came to know that many of them have an AIR of more than 700 in general category and I was surprised. After a presentation by HR personnel, they divided 120 of us in 8 groups, in 2 panels (approx 60 in one panel). I had my Case studies in the second panel and it started at 9.30 am, others were asked to go for breakfast. In the email, they had mentioned that interviews will be on DAY 2, but then they announced technical interview will be on DAY 1, many of the candidates including me, were surprised,as we thought we will be having a day to prepare for our interviews. Then we proceeded for the Case Studies, my heart beat was increasing, I knew only 4–5/15 candidates will make it to the next round. With all that in my mind, I entered the GD room, we were provided with number tags. We were given around 5–7 minutes for jotting down points followed by a 15 minute discussion.

Topic - Suppose you are quality head in ‘A’, and you supply certain products to B. Your organisation is one of the best suppliers of B. But because of unavailability of a material, you have asked them for an extension of 7 days, but unfortunately you were unable to complete that order even after a week, due to unavailability of a new material, which is suppposed to improve the quality of the product. When you went to have a discussion with the production head of the company, he asked you to supply inferior product (that is by using old material). And he said his name should not come into this, It is your responsibility to handle it. Now you have three options-

  • Dismantle the old products and use old material from there, there might be failures causing serious repercussions.(without informing B)
  • Use the old material with little modification, which will result in inferior quality product, without informing the company B, the product will pass the quality test, but won’t be reliable.
  • Talk to the officials of the company B, inform them about the whole incident, tell them it won’t happen ever again, and supply product after 15 days without informing CEO and directors of both the company.

I am not sure about the 3 options, It has been almost a year and I have forgotten them, I am trying to give you a rough picture of it. Discussion started, I literally wrote nothing in my paper during the brainstorming time, One of the guy started supporting point no 2, i.e. supplying inferior product without informing the company. I barged into the discussion and said “ I would like to disagree with you. As it is clearly mentioned that we are keeping the company B in dark regarding the quality, which might result in black listing of our company, and it would earn a bad repute to the company, even other companies will stop taking order from us ”. My voice pitch was somewhat high :P.

Then the same guy started saying “I find point no 3 as appropriate and we should opt for it” (he was basically speaking anything without giving it a thought so as to get noticed :P. I worked in Hero motocorp for a year, so I knew how things work in an industry). Again I started in a high pitch, “ We are not informing our boss, and doing the deal. One day or other they will come to know about that, which will be a problem for us, as well as the other company officials. Our company hired us with trust that we will be doing things in a righteous manner, but we are cheating our boss and our company, which is intolerable and would lead to dire consequences .” Then suddenly a voice came from the panel members (5 members were there) ANSHUL, you are being agressive, atleast let him speak his point, Let him finish his point :P. At this point I was scared, I knew this might lead to my rejection, I said “Sorry sir I will take care of it” . I remained silent for the next 3–4 minutes. Acted as if I am listening to all the members and noting down few points. Then again I entered the discussion and started to give my views which was neither of these points, I said “ We should talk to the other company officials, tell them about the problem we are facing, as we are a old and reliable supplier, they will understand it. We will promise them, it won’t happen ever again in future ”. At the end of the discussion I said “ I am not sure about the role of the Production Head, he wants to supply inferior quality product without informing our boss, and he is not a good person to be a production head, he is not willing to take his responsibilities ”. After I mentioned this point, I saw one of the panel member, appreciating my point, I was happy and knew even after my initial impression I was able to create an impact in the discussion.

After the discussion got over, most of the candidates said “ Anshul you spoke very well, and you will be selected for sure ”. I said I am not sure about that because initially I was bit aggressive (I always say I won’t get selected until results are out :stuck_out_tongue: ). Then one of the guy said “ Yes you were aggressive and they won’t select you ”, I smiled back at him and said yes, it might happen. Then one of them asked me “which college you are from”? I replied NIT TRICHY . I asked them about their colleges, then I asked this guy who said I was aggressive. He replied “ You are from a very good college, So you won’t be knowing name of my college ”. I didn’t liked the way of his talking, but I replied It’s not like that. He told MMMU Gorakhpur (Although honestly I didn’t knew the name, but I said that I have heard of it). Breakfast got over by the time we reached there, I downloaded my project report and started reading it. Then after 45 minutes, results were announced and I got shortlisted for the next round. I was happy that finally I have cleared a group discussion (My record modified to 2 out of 7). The MMMU guy was surprised,after he heard my name :P. Then HR asked us to have our lunch. I was hungry and I went to have my lunch, when suddenly HR informed me, you are the 2nd one to be interviewed, so have a quick lunch and proceed for your interview. I took little rice and dal, finished it within 5 minutes and went outside the interview room.

2. Technical interview - I was waiting outside the room, suddenly a guy came and sat on my left, he was the MMMU guy :P. We were asked to put all our documents in an order, GATE scorecard, College marksheet, 10th,12th marksheet, BPCL form printout etc etc. MMMU guy took my form and started having a look on it from the first page. He saw my GATE rank which was AIR 97, he saw my NIT TRICHY 9.04 CGPA degree, 88.4% in 12th, 90.8 in 10th, and he was continuously nodding his head and was making tch tch tch sound which was irritating me. Then he returned my form and said - “ BPCL doesn’t select on the basis of your rank and your college. They mostly reject good rankers and they give emphasis to the performance in the interview .” I told him,that I am aware of that. Then suddenly they called me for the interview. The panel consisted of 5 members lets call them Chairman CM, M1,M2(DON :P),M3 and M4 (lady). One of the HR personnel was sitting behind me, I think that was to check my body movements, if I am nervous or making any gestures of nervousness. I was calm and composed, I didn’t prepared anything, was enjoying the feel of the comfortable chair :P. Here is, how it went(I will write what was going on in my mind in brackets) -

CM- So Anshul, tell me something about yourself?

Me- Gave a well prepared answer, mentioned about my projects in hero motocorp (as I wanted them to ask about these), one of which was a cost saving project(on brazing rods), while other was a project in Spare parts dept for streamlining transport movement there.

M2- What is spare parts dept?

Me- Sir, it is one of the very important dept in hero motocorp, which contributes 1/4th of the profit of the organisation. Last year it contributed around 600 crores (financial year 2014–15) to the profit.

M2- What is the annual profit of Hero Motocorp?

Me- Sir, I am not sure about 2015–16 data. But last year it was around 2500 crores.

M2- How is it possible? I think you are quoting a wrong data.

Me- (thought for a while, I was sure about it) Sir, I am quite sure about it. It was around 2500 crores, with spare parts dept contributing around 600 crores.

M2- No, No this is not possible. An automobile company can’t earn this much profit. They don’t have this much margin. Ok anyway, Mr. Tiwari according to you, what should be the annual profit of bharat petroleum?

Me- (I didn’t read anything about the company, as I thought interview will be on next day) I am sorry sir, I don’t know. I haven’t read about it.

M2- You are an engineer, Why don’t you make a guess?

Me- Sir, it should be around 4000–5000 crores. (Actual profit was around 5000 crores, close guess :P)

M2- For a quarter or per annum?

Me- It should be per annum.

M2- Hero ka profit itna ho hi nhi sakta hai, mai nhi man sakta. ( Translation - Profit of hero motocorp can’t be 2500 crores, I don’t believe it)

Meanwhile M1 and the HR guy googled it and checked profit of Hero Motocorp.

M1- Profit of Hero Motocorp was 2500 crores last year.

HR guy- Sir, ladka sahi bol rha last year 2500 crore tha profit Hero ka. (Translation - Boy is right, last year profit of Hero Motocorp was 2500 crores)

I was happy that I am right. I was smiling sheepishly. Then suddenly M2 intervened,

M2- OK, Anshul, So you have proved me wrong.

Me- (Hiding my smile) No sir, I knew the data, so I was just sticking to it.

M2-NO, You have proved me wrong Anshul, But that is a very good thing ”.and he smirked.

I knew what was coming. He is going to grill me throughout the interview process.

CM- So, Anshul why did you left your job in Hero Motocorp?

Me- (Was somewhat unprepared) Sir, Oil sector provides the best opportunities for a mechanical engineer. If we look into the Fortune 500 list it features Shell, Exxon Mobil, British Petroleum in top 20. In India BPCL,IOCL,ONGC,RELIANCE and HPCL are in top 500, most of the oil companies earn a huge revenue, and learning is very good, you learn to handle various mechanical equipments like pump, compressor etc etc……

CM- So why BPCL?

Me- Sir, It has a diverse work profile and a very good work culture :P. And it is a PSU (What the hell did I just said :/)

M2- (He was indeed looking for an opportunity ,seems like he got one) Ok Anshul, So What are the advantages of a PSU?

Me- Sir compensation is good. Moreover Job security is there.

M2- OK, So you can do anything, make any mistake, put our company into huge losses and we won’t fire you, right Anshul?

Me- No sir, It is not like that. In PSUs you have to work hard. For a mechanical engineer conditions are not that rosy nowadays. Steel sector is in huge loss because of chinese steel coming into the market, Automobile sector isn’t doing well. Companies like Tata Motors are firing employees and they are switching from one company to other. So, I don’t want to end up like that. I want a secure job now and I want to work there and grow in my career.

CM- (Moving to the technical) Ok Anshul, you did a project in brazing, Can you tell me What is brazing?

Me- Told him the definition.

CM- What is soldering?

Me- Told him.

CM- Difference between brazing and soldering?

Me- Told him.

CM- He asked about difference between welding and brazing, then about rivetting, then he moved to different types of mechanical joints, he asked difference b/w welding and rivetting.

Me- I answered most of the questions, and said I am sorry sir, I don’t know the answer if I had no idea about the question.

CM- What kind of joint is used in boiler?

Me- I told him, It’s not rivetting, as it is a pressure vessel, if the pressure reaches to a high value, rivets won’t be able to sustain it, So we use welded joint.

CM- Then, he asked me to do the calculation part on how to calculate strength of rivetted joint.

Me- I told him the step by step process. He seemed satisfied.

M2- Ok, Anshul,So you are a expert in welding ( Seriously, tone down the sarcasm bro :P). He wrote some code in a paper and asked me What is this Anshul?

Me- (Initially I was shocked what’s that? It should be related to welding. Then, it came to my mind) Sir, it is specification of a welding electrode.

M2- Decode it for me.

Me- Sir, first letter stands for method of production, here it is E, so it is produced by Extrusion. Next letter specifies position of welding. Others are about strength, polarity used, flux used, coatings used etc etc :P.

M2- What are the different positions of welding?

Me- Sir, Flat, Horizontal, Vertical and …………

M2- And what?

Me- Sorry sir, I am not able to recall.

M2- It is overhead welding, Anshul you are an expert in welding, how can you forget that?

Me- Poker face.

M2- Opens up his laptop and started googling some stuff, and then started making a drawing on a A4 sheet. I was looking at him. Then he completed his drawing and faces it to me, So Anshul, can you tell me what is this?

Me- (Looking at it puzzled) Sir, I think it is symbol of welding with its specification.

M2- Very good Anshul, Can you tell me about each and every specification and as you can see there are two flag like symbol, what do they mean?

Me- (How on earth would I know that? Please leave me :P). Sir, I am really sorry, but I have never seen this.

M2- But Anshul, You are an expert in welding. You should know this.

Me- I am sorry sir, I don’t know about it.

M1- Ok, Anshul what is the difference b/w TIG and MIG welding?

Me- (That’s my boy) Told him.

M1- Application of TIG welding.

Me- Sir, for welding aluminium and in automobile industry.

M1- Are you sure you weld aluminium using TIG?

Me- Yes sir.

M1- Different types of steel.

Me- Answered.

M1- Asked effects of adding various elements on steel one by one.

Me- Answered it properly, he was satisfied.

Then, I saw M2 was drawing something on a big chart paper kept behind the panel members. It was a huge drawing and I had no clue about it. I was helplessly looking at him.

M4- (Lady member very pleasant personality) So, Anshul which department you would like to work in?

Me- Madam, whichever dept you feel I am fit for.

M4- Are you willing to relocate to any part of the country?

Me- Madam, I have lived in Trichy for 4 years, I have lived in neemrana for 7 months. I can live in any part of the country.

M4- Are you willing to work in shifts?

Me- Madam, I have been working in shifts in my previous job, so I don’t have any problem working in shifts.

M2- (strikes back again Thank God he didn’t asked about the drawing he made for 5 minutes :P) Anshul, suppose you are posted in the shop floor, It is your first day at work. Operator slaps you, What will you do?

Me- Sir, I would talk to my boss about it.

M2- Straightaway boss ke pas jaoge kuch aur nhi karoge? (Translation - You will directly go to your boss?)

Me- No sir, I will ask the operator, why did he slapped me? there must be some reason. If he is not able to justify it, then I will inform my boss about it (thought about my hero motocorp boss at that moment :P). Then I will inform the HR department about the incident. They will look into the matter and I will follow whatever decision they take.

M2- I am giving you a condition. Assume you are in a Date with your girlfriend. And then suddenly you get a call from one of your clients, that you have to attend a meeting otherwise your company will lose 400 crores, then you get a call informing you that unfortunately your dad has been admitted to the hospital and you need to go there. What will you do?

Me- Sir, first of all I will call my boss, and brief him about the whole situation and ask him, if he can send someone else in my place for the meeting, as I have to go to the hospital.

M2- No, he can’t send anyone else you have to go.

Me- Then, I will call the clients, inform them about the incident and will request them to kindly postpone the meeting.

M2- No, even that is not possible.

Me- Sir, then I have to manage both the things somehow. I will attend the meeting and then go to my dad. As both the things are very important for my life. I can’t chose anyone of them.

M2- Anshul, you are giving a hypothetical answer. Anyway girlfriend ka kya karoge, Wo bhi to thi tmhare sath use bhool gye kya? (Translation- What will you do about your girlfriend)

Me- Sir, Girlfriend ka kya hai, wo to doosri bhi mil jaegi naa :stuck_out_tongue: . (Translation- Sir, no need to worry about it, I can get another girl friend :P) After this answer all of them burst into laughter.

M3- Anshul, you said your area of strength is Strength of materials right?

Me- Yes sir.

M3- Have you seen titanic movie?

Me- (I knew he will ask me questions about it) Sir, I haven’t seen the whole movie, But I have seen it in parts like the beginning, climax, etc.

M2- Pooch lo ji isse konsa part dekha hai isne wahin se sawal poochna. (Ask him what all he has seen and ask him from there only)

M3- You know the story right?

Me- Yes sir.

M3- Do you know, why the ship sank?

Me- I told him It was because of the shear failure in the rivet joints. (Which was not correct :P)

M3- Can you answer one question. Name me a material which can work in such colder conditions?

Me- I am sorry sir, I don’t know. But will definitely look into it.

M3- Ok, read about it, and he smiled.

CM- Anshul, do you smoke?

Me- No sir, I don’t.

CM- Do you drink?

Me- No sir, I don’t.

M2- (he won’t let me go) “ Are lo ji iske andar to koi acchi adatein to hai hi nhi, kaise kaam karega ye humari company me ”. (Translation- He doesn’t have any good habits, How will he work in our organisation)

CM- Ok Anshul, Your interview is over, you can leave now.

Me- Thank you Sir.

M2- Wait Anshul, how will you rate yourself (out of 10)in this interview.

Me- Sir, I would give 7 out of 10.

M2- But 7/10 is very low, 70%. You are a topper this is not even average performance.

Me- Sir, I was unable to answer many of the technical questions, I should have answered them, I answered most of the HR questions satisfactorily, So 7/10.

M2- Ok Anshul, All the best.

Me- Thank you sir, Thank you madam.

Other candidates asked me what took you so long in there, it went for around 45 mins. I told them, I enjoyed it thoroughly. MMMU guy gave me a look, I passed him a smile, he was the next candidate. I was free for the day, I told my friends about my interview. Lunch was over by then. I was not feeling hungry anymore. Then other candidates started asking me to describe my interview. When I told them about the question, what will you do if any operator slaps you? MMMU guy striked back again, “ You were being aggressive in the group discussion, and panel was same and they noted down that point. That was the reason they asked you such questions, probably they will reject you ”. I smiled and said yeah maybe, I was quite sure of selection though. The wait was quite longer, we had to wait there till 9.30 pm, yeah you heard it right. I waited for 8 hours after my interview.

HR came out with the results, my heartbeat was increasing. She started announcing names one by one, and there it was ANSHUL TIWARI, it felt good. In BPCL interview after announcing the name of selected candidates, HR used to say, “ All the best to the selected candidates and rest of you, may proceed for the day :stuck_out_tongue: ”. I was happy with my performance as I was not prepared. She asked us to report by 11 am next day, other group was asked to report at 8.30 am, as there interview got over by 7 pm. I took a metro and reached my aunt’s home, had dinner and started my research on BPCL. Jotted down some important points in a page, mugged up some data (I am very good with numbers and I have an eidetic memory (not like sheldon cooper though :P) ).

3. HR Interview - I had to wait for around an hour before my interview. I saw many guys were reading notes and books before the interview. I preferred to sit alone and was thinking about the various answers, I will give.

Then, it was my turn I was calm and composed reason being I knew I will easily get IOCL and NTPC so fear of rejection was not there. But I was quite sure that I will make it through. I went inside the room, there were 2 panel members M1 and M2(new panel members) They asked me to sit down.

M1- Introduce yourself?

Me- Gave standard answer.

M1- (Surprised) Anshul, you are from NIT TRICHY? BPCL campus me nhi aaya tha kya? (Translation- BPCL didn’t came for campus recruitment)

Me- Yes sir, but I was already placed in HERO MOTOCORP, Bpcl visited in December. Moreover it was not open for Mechanical department.

M1- Ok, why did you left your job in HERO MOTOCORP?

Me- Sir, I always wanted to work with oil sector. In college I gave interview of Reliance and Ongc but unfortunately I was unable to convert them. I had only one option of giving GATE, as any private oil company will ask for relevant experience in oil field. So, I left my job prepared for GATE for a year and today I am here.

M1- Don’t you think there was a risk in your decision?

Me- Sir, if one wants to fulfill his dreams, one has to take risks. Otherwise he should be willing to remain unsatisfied in his life. I worked really very hard this year to minimise the risk factor. I started in july, joined a coaching institute, I made weekly, 3 days and daily plans and gave my best to complete them. I religiously followed it for a year. I didn’t wanted to end up in a shopfloor job for my entire life, hence chose to quit. (What have I said :/)


Me- Sir, from my college days I have been actively participating in Extra curricular activity. I can do mimicry of over 20 actors. Corporate Talent Championship is held every year and I represented Hero motocorp at DELHI NCR level in acting, as I do stand up comedy, basically mimicry.

M2- Very good anshul, What is your strength?

Me- Sir, my hardwork and perseverance. I have been working hard since my 1st standard, and as you can see in my form, that I have always been a top ranker. I have studied hard, be it my college, school or this year. Not only academics,but I excel in extra curricular activities too. I was given an opportunity to lead mechanical dept in NITTFEST Hindi lits. And we ended up with 14 points highest ever for mechanical dept in history of NITTFEST (record has been broken in 2016, credits to my awesome juniors). We won first point in Hindi lits in 2012 I wrote script of streetplay in that particular year. I have represented my dept in cricket and chess too (won gold medal).

M2- Ok Anshul, but why did you leave your job? You could have prepared along with your job?

Me- Sir, I tried my best to prepare for GATE along with my job, but it was very difficult along with a shift job.

M2- (trying to trap me) Ohhhh, So you left your job because it was a shift job and a shop floor job which was dirty, right? (He was trying to put his words in my mouth)

Me- (I was aware of his trap :P) No Sir, as I have mentioned earlier I wanted to join Oil sector, that is the only reason I left my job. Infact I loved working over there, I learnt a lot over there, how to manage machines, how to manage manpower, how to tackle various problems etc etc :P.

M2- Did they fired you or you left on your own?

Me- (Surprised) No Sir, I gave resignation on 1st of june 2015. They asked me if you want to stay, I refused (yeah that’s true production head asked me to stay). I do have my relieving letter and conduct certificate with me kept outside.

M2- Can we ask your boss about this?

Me- (What the f**k) Yes Sir, I have very good terms with my boss. I told him about my plans and he encouraged me to go for it. If you want I can give you his contact number. (Was very confident when I said this, I knew they won’t ask for his contact number, Lied about my boss read my other answer for his description :P)

M2- No Anshul, we don’t need his number.

M1- So Anshul, what is your Gate score?

Me- Sir, 894.

M1- Do you think it is a good score?

Me- Yes Sir, I got AIR 97 with this score. So I think it’s good enough (Not again :/, Bpcl hates top rankers as they will move to Iocl)

M1- (Surprised) What? You have got AIR 97?

Me- Yes Sir. (God save me :P)

M1- Anshul, why do you want to work with Bpcl, you can get any oil company with such a good rank?

Me- (was waiting for this, Data time :P) Sir, I wanted to work with midstream or downstream company, hence ONGC and OIL INDIA are ruled out. In downstream major companies are IOCL and BPCL. If I compare both of them, IOCL is a huge company with 11 refineries, 10,000 kms of pipelines, 91 bottling plants with a revenue of 4.5 lakh crores and employee strength of 33000. While Bpcl has only 4 refineries, 1000 km of pipelines, 51 bottling plants with a revenue of 2.5 lakh crores and employee strength of 12000. ( I am not sure about the numbers please check the balance sheet, I quoted exact data in the interview). Still profit of IOCL is 5200 crores while that of BPCL is around 5000 crores. (Data for financial year 2014–15, last year there was a huge difference in profit with IOCL leading by 3000 crores, moreover with the new Paradip refinery they have increased the margin) So if we look at the profit per employee BPCL beats IOCL by a huge margin. IOCL having almost three times employees, three times the refinery has almost the same profit as that of BPCL. So, We can conclude Managers of BPCL are hardworking, competent and efficient. I want to work in such environment as it will enhance my skills and turn me into a good manager. (Hell of a speech :P, It was byfar the best answer I gave in any of my interview, This answer shouldn’t be copied or reproduced in Bpcl interview, I do have the copyright of this answer :P, I will file a case if someone does that :P, kidding you can copy it, but have a look at the new data, as well as if all of you give same answer it won’t help :P)

M1- (was very happy, Bpcl employees hate Iocl to the core :P) Anshul, so you are marketing BPCL in front of us?

Me- No sir, I have mentioned whatever I knew, I want to work in an organisation where I can improve my skills.

M1- Ok Anshul, your interview is over, All the best. Please send the next guy in 2 minutes.

Me- Thank you sir.

I knew I had an awesome interview, when I went outside other aspirants surrounded me and started asking what all they asked? I replied- “ They asked me about my Gate score and then Gate rank, they were surprised after they heard my rank ”. MMMU guy said - “ I already told you Bpcl doesn’t prefers good rankers, they will definitely reject you, moreover you were aggressive yesterday and they took note of it too ”. (Common bro, it was a different panel I thought) I was enjoying his comments and I said “ yeah, they will reject me ”.

After waiting for 2 hours HR came out with results in her hand. There were 23 candidates left in the final round out of 110. She started announcing names, as according to the order of interview. My name was not announced in that order, I consoled myself that I did a decent job and it doesn’t matter, I cleared GD and technical round without any preparation. I will prepare properly for the next interview. Then I heard ANSHUL TIWARI, I was surprised and happy at the same time, my name was second last, last was (yes you guessed it right) the MMMU guy. His rank was 600 something. I was happy for him, he had worked hard for two years and he deserved it.

He congratulated me, so did I. I called my Dad and Mom. I promised my dad that I will endup with a good job within a year and here it was within 10 months. I left my job on 26th june 2015, got selected in BPCL on 19th april 2016. Went for the medical test next day, then left for Bhopal on 20th april.

PS- I tried my best to write this transcript (my eidetic memory helped me with the details :P). If you find any data incorrect please mention that in the comments. Bpcl interview will take place soon. Please be prepared for it, don’t try my method. Be confident and speak your heart out. All the views expressed here are personal and intented for pun, don’t take it otherwise. Any suggestions are welcome. All the best for Bpcl interview, It is the best if you crack it, I can bet you, you will crack any PSU interview. They reduced 120 to 47 candidates in GD, 47 to 23 in technical interview, 23 to 11 in the final list. So yes, it is difficult to convert it. But it is a good chances for 400–600 rankers others will get Iocl. All the best. I will soon write my other transcripts, they won’t be as long as Bpcl :stuck_out_tongue: (20 minute GD +45 minutes Technical + 25 minutes HR interview hence the lengthy answer :P, didn’t want to miss the details :slight_smile: )

Author - Anshul Tiwari

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That was the great thing all u wrote in that. But i want to ask that what’s the current procedure of interview for 2021 batch .Rply if u read my comment. Thanks you sir.