Burner Shutdown-Post Purge (CB-HAWK boiler)

The burner will fire until steam pressure or water temperature in excess of demand is generated. With modulated firing, the modulating damper motor (MDM) should return to the low fire position before the operating limit control (OLC) opens. When the limit control circuit is opened, the following sequence occurs:

The main fuel valve circuit is de-energized, causing the main fuel valve (MGV) or (OV) to close. The flame is extinguished. The control panel lights (LDL) and (FVL) are turned off. The blower motor continues to run to force air through the boiler for the post-purge period.

On a No. 6 oil burner, the air purge valve (APV) is powered from the blower motor start circuit via the contacts of the air purge relay (APR) to provide an air purge of the oil nozzle. The damper motor returns to the low fire position if it is not already in that position.

The lockout switch must be manually reset following a safety shutdown. The cause for loss of flame or any unusual condition should be investigated and corrected before attempting to re-start. Failure to follow these instructions could result in serious personal injury or death!

The blower motor start circuit is de-energized at the end of the post purge cycle and the shutdown cycle is complete.

The program relay is now ready for subsequent recycling, and when steam pressure or water temperature drops to close the contacts of the operating control, the burner again goes through its normal starting and operating cycle.