Calibration of HART based Valve Positioner

This guide shares the detailed procedure for Calibration of HART based Control Valve Positioner.

Calibration of Valve Positioner

  1. To prepare the positioner for fail-open operation, slide the “AIR TO” switch to the “CLOSE” position.

  2. For small actuators such as the 120cm2, it’s advisable to restrict the output air volume to approximately 50%.

  3. Begin the calibration process by entering configuration mode. Using the rotary push button, turn it until parameter 3 is shown, and push the button. Turn again until the display shows “Yes”, and push to accept the change.

  4. Parameter 4 indicates the pin position and is set to 35.

  5. Parameter 5 sets our travel, and is kept at 15mm.

  6. Parameter 6 is changed to nominal to use our 15mm stroke rather than the valve maximum.

  7. The final parameter to set is 7, this is our operating direction and is set to increasing-decreasing for standard fail-open operation.

  8. Now, go back to parameter zero and press the recessed initialization button to begin the auto calibration process.

  9. This process can take a few minutes while the positioner adapts itself to this specific valve and it’s operating characteristics. It is important not to disturb or interrupt this process until it’s finished.

  10. Once the calibration is completed, the display will briefly show “Tune”, and then revert to the position specified by the control signal.

  11. To confirm correct operation, cycle through various set-points and ensure the valve responds accurately.

  12. The positioner is now calibrated and ready for operation.

Valve Positioner Calibration