Capsule Sensing Pressure Gauges

Capsule Sensing Pressure Gauges are used for low pressure measurement, in NON corrosive process mediums.


The sensing element is a capsule which is made up of dual SS316L laser welded diaphragms. Such type of gauges are preferred for their Accuracy in low pressure measurement.

The unique compact design is highly suitable for use in many Industrial applications where space can be a major constraint.

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Capsule sensing pressure gauges, also known as capsule pressure gauges, are used to measure low pressure or differential pressure. They utilize a slightly different principle than Bourdon tube gauges.

Capsule Pressure Gauge

Here are the primary components of a capsule sensing pressure gauge:

Capsule: The capsule is the main sensing element in this type of gauge. It consists of two diaphragms that are sealed together around their edges to form a contained, evacuated space. When exposed to pressure, the capsule expands or contracts.

Linkage Mechanism: This mechanism translates the expansion and contraction of the capsule into a movement that can be read on a dial. It generally consists of a series of levers and a sector gear.

Dial and Pointer: The dial is the face of the pressure gauge, marked with numbers indicating the pressure. The pointer, driven by the linkage mechanism, moves over the dial to indicate the current pressure.

Pressure Connection: This is the part of the gauge that connects to the system whose pressure is being measured. It can be a threaded fitting or other suitable connection.

Case: The case houses all the internal components of the pressure gauge, providing protection from external factors. Cases can be made from various materials such as plastic, steel, or aluminum.

Window: This is the transparent section of the gauge that allows the user to read the dial and pointer. The window can be made from glass or a more durable material such as polycarbonate.

Capsule sensing pressure gauges are often used in applications where very low pressure or vacuum needs to be measured. The diaphragm-like design of the capsule allows for accurate readings even at these low pressures.