Circulating Water Pump

Circulating Water Pump is briefly known as CWP. The CWP are used for water circulation through out the system. One CWP have a capacity of 40,000 tones/hour and weight of 126 tones. Its power consumption is about 6 MW (at my place).

Main parts of CWP:

  1. Pump casing
  2. Shaft
  3. Journal and Thrust bearings
  4. Diffuser
  5. Impeller
  6. Electric motor

Application of centrifugal pump in power station:

  • Circulating water pump
  • Feed water pump
  • Condensate pump
  • Fire fighting pump
  • Demi water pump
  • LP and HP heater pump
  • Dosing pump etc.

Reciprocating pump:

A reciprocating pump is also known as a positive displacement pump, as it discharges a definite quantity of liquid during the displacement of its piston or plunger.

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