Complete or Partial REVAMPING

On the site, there are both MARK 5 and MARK 6 systems, and regarding the instrumentation on-site, they are functioning perfectly without any major issues. However, the computer equipment, both hardware and software, has become outdated. I wonder if GE or one of its subsidiaries will carry out a partial revamping by replacing the equipment and operating systems, such as upgrading from Windows NT to Windows 7/10 and from Windows XP to Windows 7/10. Alternatively, will the revamping be done in a comprehensive manner, involving cabinets, cards (instrumentation), in other words, a complete revamping?.

Yes, it is completely possible and they will do the upgrades without disturbing the live plant.

Your old servers / workstations are not suitable for new operating systems.

So they will suggest you to buy new hardware (workstations) + software license (upgrade).

They will setup the servers without disturbing the existing one, as they are not useful for upgrading.

The controllers may support with the latest OS and software versions, check with them. If your controllers support with the new servers/OS then the up-gradation of controllers / IO cards / others is optional, depends as per your budget. If you are going to upgrade these then you can expect some down time.