Construction of Din Rail Fiber optic patch panel

Din Rail Fiber optic patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber management, these equipment functions are to fix and manage the fiber optic cable s inside the box as well as provide protection. These are the fiber enclosure that can mount on a standard 35mm DIN rail frame. These patch panels are suitable for mounting in Din Rail panels where there is space constraint inside PLC s. Because of its compact and rugged designed case, it is suitable for industrial applications.

Our patch panels are fabricated with an advanced manufacturing process using Robust steel/aluminum construction with seven tank process pretreatment and electrostatic spray technique powder coating, which ensures the highest level of protection for sensitive components inside the enclosure and increases corrosion resistance for harsh environmental conditions. Multi-port cable entries allow greater flexibility for interconnecting practically two units of outside plant distribution cables. The rugged PVC/metal Din Rail base ensures proper mounting into the Din Rail frame. It has a load capacity of 5kg to15kg.


Din rail enclosures are compact in size and can be mounted in a cabinet with other din rail equipment. These economical series of enclosures are the perfect choice for terminating fiber data cables where the expense of an outdoor enclosure is not desired. Din Rail mount enclosures keep the patching in close proximity to the active equipment, it serves and minimizes cable management in the cabinet. These boxes are perfect for transitioning outdoor rated to indoor rated cables without the need to install an entire rack enclosure or panel system. These enclosures can be used to provide a maximum number of fiber connections in a minimal footprint.