Conversion of PLC Logic from One Brand to Another


I have a little project of Fully automatic autoclave machine.with HMI program and PLC program.the brand is Delta.

To be exact, it was a new machine. Mitsubishi’s system was installed in it. But the hospital wanted Delta’s system, so I installed Delta’s system. with me PLC, HMI program is It is not working well. Where is the problem in the program how HMI and PLC I had to learn how to match programs and correct mistakes.

If that is not possible, the entire program will have to be rebuilt. please Please suggest me what can be done.

Conversion of PLC Logic from One Brand to Another


It sounds like you’re dealing with a complex issue involving the integration of a Delta PLC and HMI system into an existing autoclave machine that was initially designed for a Mitsubishi system.

Here’s a general approach that may help you:

  1. Verify Hardware Compatibility: Make sure the Delta PLC and HMI are compatible with the existing hardware in the autoclave machine. Check the wiring, connections, input/output configurations, etc.
  2. Review Existing Programs: If possible, obtain and carefully review the original programs used with the Mitsubishi system. This could provide insight into the logic and control flow needed for the machine to operate correctly.
  3. Diagnostics and Debugging: Use Delta’s programming software to troubleshoot the issue. Most modern PLC programming environments include diagnostic tools that can help you identify problems in the code or communication between devices.
  4. Match Data Addresses: Ensure that the data addresses in the PLC program match those in the HMI program. Any inconsistency could cause communication issues.
  5. Communication Protocols: Verify that the communication protocol (e.g., Modbus, Ethernet/IP, etc.) is configured correctly. Ensure the proper settings are in place for baud rate, parity, stop bits, etc.
  6. Consider Rebuilding the Program: If the existing programs are incompatible or too difficult to debug, it may be necessary to rebuild them from scratch. Use the original requirements and the logic from the Mitsubishi program as a guide, but adapt them for Delta’s environment.
  7. Consult the Manuals: Refer to Delta’s manuals and technical guides for both the PLC and HMI. They usually contain essential information and examples on how to program and integrate the devices.
  8. Consider Professional Help: If the issue persists and you’re unable to resolve it, it may be best to engage a specialized engineer or technical support representative from Delta. They may have the necessary expertise and tools to diagnose and fix the issue.
  9. Keep Safety in Mind: An autoclave machine is a complex and potentially dangerous device. Always adhere to safety standards, and ensure that all changes to the control system are in compliance with relevant regulations.
  10. Testing: If you make any changes or build a new program, thoroughly test it in a controlled environment before deploying it in the actual system. Ensure it meets all functional requirements and safety standards.

Working with PLC and HMI systems in a medical setting is highly specialized work that requires a deep understanding of both the specific hardware and the underlying process being controlled.

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Thanks a lot dear sir. For the great suggestion. I will be trying to implement this methods.