Coriolis Mass flow meter Sizing Criteria

Coriolis mass flow meters and positive displacement meters are independent of velocity profile, whereas all other measurement devices are dependent on velocity profile and therefore require straight upstream and downstream pipe lengths.

Coriolis Mass flow meter are generally used for highly viscous and fouling service and also for fuel oil line service. For Coriolis mass flow meter wherever heat tracing required, shall be part of original instrument design and shall be manufactured and tested at manufacturers work only.

The instrument are generally bought complete with probe, transmitter, interconnecting cables etc, or any other accessories required to make the system complete.

The mass flow meter is capable of computing field density and incorporate temperature sensor flows fluid temperature measurement. The flow meter electronics generally have the capability to compute volumetric flow rates.

The mass flow meter should have high vibration immunity. The meter output should not be affected by the pipeline vibration where the meter is installed.

Sizing Criteria:

The nominal bore size of the sensor is equal to or less than the line size. Pressure & temperature ratings of the sensor tube and process connection of the flowmeter should be checked so that the meter selected is suitable to the operating conditions of the fluid material.

The flow meter can have the following requirement specifications:

Operating Principle: Vibrating Tube Type

Material of Construction of Tube: SS316L or better depending upon service

Flowmeter Accuracy: +/- 0.2% of mass flow rate for liquid service

+/- 0.5% of mass flow rate for gas / vapour service

Flow Meter Repeatability : +/- 0.1% of mass flow rate for liquid service

+/- 0.25% of mass flow rate for gas/vapour service

i need help ,regarding calculation …for mass flow meter.