DC Analog Output Card

The DC Analog Output card is designed to provide current or voltage output as required.

The card provides the output in the following range:

  • 4 to +20 mA
  • 0 to +10 VDC
  • -10 to +10 VDC

The card is designed with high precision 13 bit DAC along with precision voltage references and precision resistors to achieve the accuracy of 0.1%. The card provides both voltage and current output, as per configuration, to allow the application to tap any of the output as per requirement.

The module can be mounted in any of the I/O slots in the backplane, and can be hot-swapped (i.e., module can be replaced without powering down the backplane).

The module also features readback of the output to ascertain calibration of the outputs. In case the error between output and read-back value exceeds a certain percentage, an alarm indicating channel out of calibration is generated.