Dip Tape Level Indicator Principle of Operation

The dip tape level indicator requires no power for operation and provides accurate visual level indication within 1⁄16”.

Available construction materials include a brass/Buna-N combination and an all stainless steel option in a variety of threaded mounting sizes. Measuring lengths range from 6” to 6’ (15.24 cm to 1.8 m) in either customary, metric, or customary/metric combination steel tapes.

Principle of Operation

The sliding steel tape magnetically interlocks with the level position of the float. Level measurement is obtained by sliding the dip tape from the stem tube and locating the calibration mark where the interlock is felt.

The float and stem make contact with the liquid, but the tape remains separate and clean. When the level indicator is not in use, it is safely sealed within the tube by a protective screw cap.