Distributed Control System (DCS) Parts

DCS (Distributed Control System) is a control system that can collect (acquire) data from the field and decided to do with that data.


What is DCS Consists?

  1. Operator Console
    This tool is similar to a computer monitor. Used to provide feedback information about what is being done or done in the factory.

  2. Engineering Station
    This is station to the technicians who used to configure the system and also implement the control algorithm.

  3. History Module
    This tool is similar to the computer hard drive. This tool is used to store the configuration DC and all points in the configuration of the plant.

  4. Data Historian
    Usually this is software that used to store process variables, set point and output values.

  5. Control Modules
    It’s like a brain of DCS. This is where the control functions carried out, such as PID control, control comparisons, ratio control, simple arithmetic operations and dynamic compensation.

  6. Input Output (I/O)
    This section is used to handle input and output from DCS. These Inputs and outputs can be analog or digital.

All the elements described are connected in one network (currently using the technology or even wireless Ethernet, WiFi or WiMax).

Currently the differences between DCS, PLC or computer control are increasingly blurred. What distinguishes more in the software levels.

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