E&I draftsman- software used in oil and gas,petrochemical?

can anyone tell me the various software used in the design of E&I system in oil and gas, petrochemical industries?. In case if autoCAD means I want to know the details about which type?

Being a Instrmentation Engineer i have used quite a few softwares below.

1.SPI: Smart plant instrumentation
2. Autocad -for drawing electrical diagrams.I used to use it in my early days as a software for drawing P&IDs.
2. Smart Draw -specifically to draw P&IDs.
3. Matlab- there are numerous applications i used it for.
4. Labview- you can get the free trial and its an alternative to SCADA developed by major players such as Siemens,Schiender etc.
5. Google earth- its a must have application when you are involved in surveying a project which needs to executed wirelessly with technogies such as Rf and in case you are using some other communication protocol if data needs to be put on a map for the client-you need latitude and longitude of each and every stations.
6. Modscan - I use it while working with remote terminal units when i need to know to test logics -specially for searching bugs.

Author : Ali Jaffer

There are quite a few softwares that you will need to know.

If you are going to work in an EPC ,then you will have to work on:

1.SPI: Smart plant instrumentation


3.Autocad(not quite often but a good software to know)

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its depends on which channel/field u choose in instrumentation (as per your assigned work)

like instrument projects & maintenance engineer should know basic laung

yokogawa centum vp R5

siemens TIA

rockwell sofware

siemens simocode



some other embedded softwares


vijeo designer



abb codesys

many other profibus managment

field bus software

if u want macros microsoft excel





edudraw (P&ID software)

drive configuration softwares like danfoss

abb siemens


many more

basic knoweldge of electrical tranfomer

motor winding cable selection load calculation are must