Edge computing, SCADA & Telemetry


Do we need to use telemetry to send data to another area whereas we have edge computing connected with cloud !

Isn’t enough to send data, via edge computing/internet/cloud
I’m asking because in the project that i’m working in , the scope of work mention that we need to implement edge computing plus telemetry
any advice please !

The choice between using edge computing and telemetry—or using them in conjunction—depends heavily on the specific needs of your project. They each have distinct capabilities that can be utilized for different use cases.

Edge computing refers to the processing of data at or near the source where it’s generated, instead of relying solely on a centralized cloud-based or data-center location. Edge computing reduces the latency in data processing and can lead to real-time or near-real-time insights. It’s particularly useful in situations where constant, immediate processing of data is critical, or where there’s limited bandwidth to send all raw data back to the cloud for processing.

On the other hand, telemetry is the process of recording and transmitting the readings of an instrument. The term is typically used to describe data transmissions over wireless mediums, such as with satellite communications in space exploration, but can also involve wired data transfer.

While edge computing can process data locally, telemetry can help get the data where it needs to go. In other words, edge computing can make computations on the data, while telemetry can transmit the results of these computations—or even raw data—to a remote location for further processing or analysis.

In a project that requires both edge computing and telemetry, one likely scenario is that you need to do some local data processing (using edge computing) to reduce the amount of data being transmitted, perhaps due to bandwidth limitations or costs. Then, you can use telemetry to send the processed data to another location for additional analysis or to integrate it into a broader system. This is a common setup in IoT applications where devices collect large amounts of data but only need to send a subset of it back to a central system.

However, without knowing the specific details of your project, it’s challenging to provide more precise advice. I would recommend discussing this with your project lead or technical architect to understand the specific needs that led to this requirement. You might find there’s a particular reason for this setup that’s tied to the unique characteristics or goals of your project.