Equipment location

Equipment should be located in accordance with the following requirements:

  • Protected against damage.
  • Protected against vibration.
  • Protected against weather and water jets.
  • Operability and serviceability.
  • Display instruments and flashing lights to be legible and visible from main access areas or
  • walkways.
  • Accessibility for maintenance without scaffolding, stepladder etc.

Electrical equipment shall, unless unavoidable due to the functionality or necessity, be installed
indoor and away from hazardous areas.

Instruments that have to be installed in exposed areas should be sheltered by use of weather
protection or enclosure.

Final location shall be selected to avoid interference with escape routings, walkways, other
equipment, pipes etc. and obstruction against activities related to transport and lifting operations.

Equipment should not be supported on pipe work, handrails, access ladders or cable ladders.
Lighting fixtures may however be mounted underneath cable ladders or as integrated part of
handrail support arrangement

Equipment such as PA flashing lights, loudspeakers, junction boxes, splitters and tap-off may be
located on the support for cable ladders and trays or cable ladder’s side rail.

Equipment shall not be mounted on blastwalls/explosion relieves. Equipment can however be
installed on the support frames for the blast walls if the integrity of the blast wall is not interfered.

Equipment located in areas which do not allow for maintenance accessibility as required, should as
shown on typical drawing be installed such that the equipment can be rotated, raised or lowered into
areas where maintenance can take place without the need for scaffolding.

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