Erosion Monitoring System

Sand probe system consists of:

Tee Access Fitting Assembly

Tee access fitting assembly consists of access fitting body, solid plug assembly, and protective cover without hole.

Sand Probe Nut

Sand probe nut is similar to injection/sampling nut. Sand probe nut delivers pipeline pressure to the Tee on access fitting body. Sand probe nut is connected to the solid plug assembly with NPT thread.

Sand Probe

Sand probe consists of a sacrificial tube element. Sand probe is connected to the sand probe nut with NPT thread.


The effect of sand or erosion erodes the sacrificial tube element allowing pipeline pressure to flow through the nipple to pressure gauge. Nipple is connected to the Tee on access fitting body with NPT thread.

Pressure Gauge Assembly

Pressure gauge assembly signals the effect sand or erosion on the sacrificial tube element. Pressure gauge assembly is connected to the nipple with NPT thread.

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