Fire Alarm and Automatic Fire-Fighting Systems

Fire protection complex (ISA-ASPT) is designed for automation of fire protection facilities at hazardous production sites and performs the following functions:

  • Collection and processing of data from sensors
  • Collection and processing of information about fire and operation of fire-fighting units in case of fire and in normal mode
  • Identification and alarm (emergency situations, divergence of parameters form specified limits, fire-fighting equipment failure)
  • Presentation of data about fire and fire-control units in the forms of process mnemonic diagrams and standard videograms with indication of parameter values and their deviations
  • Registration of all controlled and calculated variables and events and data archiving in database
  • Generation of reports
  • Change of instrument settings during operation (alarm and lockup settings)
  • Automatic control of alarm systems
  • Remote control from operator workstation
  • Lockup of process and air conditioning systems during fire

ISA-ASPT provides control of fire protection technological complex, which includes the following components:

  • Fire water pump station with water pumps, foam pumps, and circulating pumps
  • Valve control chamber
  • Foaming agent dosing systems with tanks and pipelines
  • Fire water tanks
  • Water intake wells with service water pipeline
  • Fire water line system
  • Input control devices, fire detectors and warning systems, installed on process and administration equipment