Fire and Gas system for Boiler Protection

Hi, for protection of an industrial boiler (150T/H) at gas liquefaction company we need Fire and gas system, but the number of detectors is reduced (20 to 30 detectors), so I want to know if we need an independent controller to manage system or we can connect the detectors to another system, for example, BMS (Boiler manager System)?

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It purely depends on your plant philosophy.

You can do this with your existing BMS PLC by adding extra IO modules or utilizing existing spares.

Or you can use a individual stand alone controller and interface with your BMS to initiate a trip/alarms.


If you go with your BMS PLC then you have to choose conventional based fire and gas detectors like 4 to 20mA output or simple NO or NC contacts as outpput.

If you go with stand-alone controller then you can choose either conventional type or address type fire and gas detectors, depends on your budget. in my personal view, you don’t need a addressable type for few detectors.