Flash Gas Compression | Flash gas compressor

The condensate separated in the Liquid separator is stabilize by the condensate stabilization unit.

To recover the flash gas from the condensate stabilizer column and overhead of liquid separator, Flash gas compressor is installed for the compressing and recycling the gas to inlet of slug catcher.

Flash gas compressor is horizontal multistage cylinder balanced opposed type reciprocating compressor. These compressors are driven by 160 kW induction motor through a direct rigid coupling.

First, the gas flows to Flash Gas Compressor Scrubber to be scrubbed and condense any liquid from the gas stream.

The gas is then compressed by 1st stage flash gas compressor then the discharge gas cooled down from 116 deg C to 80 degC by 1st stage flash gas after cooler.

After that condensed liquid is separated in the 2snd stage flash gas compressor suction scrubber prior compression by 2nd stage flash gas compressor to 48.5 barg.

The compressed flash gas is cooled down to 90 degC by 2nd stage flash gas after cooler prior delivering to the slug catcher