Foundation Fieldbus Flow Transmitter Range Check in DCS?

I have doubts about flow calculations of Foundation Fieldbus Flow Transmitter, field range is 0~30 mbar and DCS system side range is 0~38240 Kg/hr.

How can I write in loop folder(25 %, 50 %, 75%) 25% how much mbar can I apply in Field.and what reading in show dcs in the same time.

Because in loop folder have 2 colum one is input applied (EU) and 2nd is ICSS Reading (EU) .

Anyone tell me calculation with example

Tinu Mathew

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I do not fully understand the question, but it seems you have a orrife plate what is used as a delta pressure flow meter.

When the delta pressure reads:

  • 0 mbar, then DCS will give 0 kg/hr [0%];
  • 30 mbar, then DCS will give 38240 kg/hr [100%].

So, for 25% it will be:

  • 7.5 mbar, then DCS will give 9560 kg/hr;

For 50% it will be:

  • 15 mbar, then DCS will give 19120 kg/hr;

For 75% it will be:

  • 22.5 mbar, then DCS will give 28680 kg/hr.